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    Volume 4.

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    Launched as part of The New 52, this fourth volume saw Barbara Gordon return to the role of Batgirl after more than two decades of acting as Oracle in the DC Universe; a controversial move in the eyes of some fans.

    In December 2012 writer Gail Simone was abruptly fired via email from by editor Brian Cunningham. Ray Fawkes was slated to write two issues before a new permanent writer could be assigned. After fan outrage at the firing of Simone DC Comics placed her back on the title a mere two weeks after she was dismissed.

    The series significantly changed starting with issue #35, when a large part of the team was replaced and Barbara Gordon was moved to a different part of Gotham City, got a new custome, and a more light-hearted storyline.

    For the pre-Flashpoint volume 3, refer to Batgirl (2009). After the Rebirth event Batgirl continued in volume 5: Batgirl (2016).

    Annuals: Batgirl Annual.



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