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    Volume 3

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    After Bruce Wayne's apparent death, Cassandra Cain departs Gotham City, leaving the mantle of Batgirl in the hands of Stephanie Brown, who was Spoiler at the time. Despite some protest from the rest of the Bat Family, Stephanie is eventually taken under Barbara Gordon's wing. Being the original Batgirl, Barbara operates as Oracle helping to train Stephanie to be a crime-fighter worthy of wearing the symbol of the bat.

    Among other cast members within the book, there is Wendy Harris aka Proxy, and Detective Nick Gage. Wendy is the daughter of criminal mastermind Calculator, joining team Batgirl after helping Stephanie save Barbara from her father. Like Barbara, Wendy is particularly well versed in the use of computers, and operates in Oracle's capacity if she is unavailable or away. Nick Gage is a member of the Gotham Police Department who often helps Batgirl during cases. He acts very similarly to the way James Gordon does with Batman.


    Bryan Q. Miller


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    Non-U.S. Collected Editions

    For Post Flashpoint volume 4, refer to Batgirl


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