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Batgirl is kidnapped - by Batman and Robin?! Gotham's latest hero has fallen into the clutches of the Dynamic Duo, and they mean to show her the business - the business of fighting crime, that is! See Batgirl make her historic first visit to the ultra-secret Batcave! Watch as Alfred shows his disapproval - but is it about bringing her there, or is there a greater concern? And catch your breath as her secret identity is compromised forever! 
A still-rookie Batgirl carelessly leaps off the side of a Gotham City skyscraper on a cable, without regard to her speed, height or line tension, leaving herself open to injury or death.  On her way down, a batarang slices her line and she plummets. Suddenly, Robin swings in to her rescue and reveals that Batman was the culprit. Because Batman still has quite a few misgivings about allowing this young, inexperienced girl to play the super-hero game, the Dynamic Duo abduct the young heroine and take her to the Batcave.
Batman and Batgirl have a snippy but brief exchange after she regains consciousness. He leaves her alone with Robin and joins Alfred in another part of the Batcave where he proceeds to monitor the pair's conversation. Robin gives Batgirl a small tour of the Batcave before they wind up at a room marked "Clear Crossing".
The room, we discover, is a virtual training facility that simulates dangerous situations using cutouts, mannequins, rubber bullets and paint pellets. Unfortunately for Batgirl, Batman decides to have her undergo a real baptism of fire and disables all fail-safes the room is equipped with. Batgirl is startled when she discovers that the bullets are real, but presses on. Although she narrowly, but successfully completes the exercise, it was only due to her use of lethal force. Batman points out that this is NEVER acceptable and demands to know what Batgirls motives really are. Unaware that her secret identity is no longer a secret to Batman & Robin, she simply states that she wants to make a deffirence in Gotham City's future because she can, never mentioning anything about growing up as the police commisioner's daughter and how it has made her desperately want to fight crime her own way.
Sensing that this explanation is probably good enough for Batman, Robin sneaks up behind her and uses knock-out gas on Batgirl once more. A few hours later, just before sunrise, a young Barbara Gordon wakes up in a parked car outside her house, The Batgirl costume she wore the night before, folded neatly beside her. Although she panics momentarily, a delivery truck arrives a short time later with a package for Barbara containing grappling hooks, lines, batarangs and other items found in the Dynamic Duo's utility belts. On top is a note from Robin that reads "Batgirl-- You look like a fast study. This'll help you cram. Trust me. He'll come around." "Everything I need for the make-up exam", she thinks to herself.


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