Batgirl Special #1

    Batgirl Special » Batgirl Special #1 - The Last Batgirl Story released by DC Comics on June 1988.

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    The last adventure of Batgirl Barbara Gordon before the horrific events of BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE! Batgirl's final case as she goes after Cormorant, the man who "killed" her once. But is it a case of justice, or an obsessive desire for revenge?

    Four years ago Cormorant was contracted to kill Batgirl. He took a hostage to a rooftop, Batgirl arrived and he shot her. Batgirl fell over the edge and Cormorant believed her to be dead. But Batgirl faked her death to allow the hostage to go free. But she was injured and began having nightmares involving Cormorant hurting and killing her. In the present, David Scarano is found stabbed in Gotham City Library where Barbara works. Next to his body is what appears to be Cormorant's hat. While the police are summoned, Barbara finds and pockets a note. She discovers that Scarano has a history of violent crimes against women and that he is the son of the man who hired Cormorant to kill Batgirl four years ago. The next morning another stabbed body (with note) is dumped at the police station. The note indicates that the unidentified man had also committed crimes against women and that was the reason he was killed. The press begin calling the vigilante "Slash." Barbara's friend Marcy arrives in town and rips into Barbara for becoming Batgirl. They spend some time catching up. Meanwhile Slash kills a Mr. Iverson, another man responsible for killing three women. Barbara and Marcy crosscheck Cormorant's picture on the computer and find a possible alias, Edward Wells. Barbara travels by train to Wells' address and discovers it is Cormorant and he is currently married. Cormorant gets a phone call and a contract to kill Slash. He is overheard by his wife. Marcy drives to the address and gets Barbara to return to Gotham City. Cormorant's wife gives Slash a file on her husband. Marcy and Barbara realize Anthony Caterino, being released from prison that day, would be a similar target for Slash and Batgirl tracks him down. Slash appears and attacks him and Batgirl intervenes but is unable to save him. Injured, Batgirl decides to quit superheroics right after she takes care of Slash. She goes out on patrol but three times that night crimes she observes are handled by other superheroes. She realizes that she is not particularly needed and that others will take care of Slash. She decides to focus back on Cormorant and goes to his place to confront him. He manages to get to a weapon and is about to kill Batgirl when Slash arrives to kill him. Batgirl and Slash fight while Cormorant gets more weapons. The three begin fighting and Cormorant gets the upper hand. Cormorant's wife hands Slash one of her husband's guns and Slash kills him. Batgirl bandages, and ties up, Slash for the police. Then she returns home to hang up the Batgirl costume for good.


    • This story is a continuation of the events from the Batgirl storyline in Detective Comics #491 and Detective Comics #492. However, that storyline took place in the pre-Crisis universe.
    • Batgirl used a Smoke Pellet from her Utility Belt.
    • Dick Grayson and Jason Todd cameo appearance.


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     This book was not that great.  It was very lackluster.   The story seemed trite and cliche.  First Batgirl is trying to give up her superhero life for weak reasons but she is trouble by nightmares of a villain known as Cormorant.  Cormorant is a hit-man who dresses like a World War I (WWI) American Solider.    Batgirl finds the body of General Scar's son in her own library with Cormorant's  WWI hat at the crime scene.  She take this as evidence that he is the killer but at the same time a kille...

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