Batgirl Vol. 2 (Hardcover): Knightfall Descends

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    Batgirl Vol. 2 (Hardcover): Knightfall Descends

    This collects Batgirl #7 – 13 and #0 written by Gail Simone with art by Ardian Syaf, Ed Benes, Alitha Martinez, and Vincent Cifuentes. Colors are done by Ulises Arreola.

    I like Barbara Gordon as Batgirl and I’ve never had any qualms about saying so. I’ve never collected Batgirl comics and don’t have a particularly solid grasp on her history, but Barbara’s always seemed more accessible to me than Bruce. Batgirl’s not one of my favorite characters but she’s one of the most comfortable.

    This volume started much like the first one; it was good and I was happy to read it. I became very excited when I saw that for one particular little jaunt, Gail was tying it directly to the classic The Killing Joke story. Ultimately that ended up letting me down. Without any spoiler alerts I was just very unhappy with how that turned out. The story arc in the second half of this collection, however, really grabbed me by the lapels and pulled me in. That story kept me awake as the pages continued to turn and I’m just so happy to be reading this book right now. I’m eagerly looking forward to volume 3.

    The art is very accomplished comic book art. Not necessarily the best but well above average and for the most part it’s a pleasure to take in. Some nice art and a great story make for a thoroughly enjoyable book.

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