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Batgirl continues to disover her past while taking on Grotesque

I am really glad I picked this issue up. I am now more confident than ever on Gail Simone's writing and the electrifying and strikingly consistent art by the 3 pencillers. This issue and the previous one - I read it, and then I viewed it, and I viewed it.... The art is totally satisfying to my art hungry taste buds!!!

Lets get into what's in there: there is this new villain Grotesque whose secret is not yet revealed - however Batgirl further investigates about the mystery on what happened after she was shot, goes on a soft corner to her mother following Dinah's advice - only to get to know some shocking family secret that brings the clear reason for her mother's disappearance.

However as it happened in one of the previous arc's issues, the mother and daughter look very similar in some panels - not that it makes it difficult to read or understand. So this point ignored.

The Grotesque takes advantage and attacks at Batgirl while she is on the mission of investigating more about her past - which somehow has a link to one of the villain's men. The events that took place after Barbara getting shot are revealed in this issue.

At the end, the twist has her "shocking family secret" - who happens to be her long lost brother, is back!! This issue left me with heck lot of curiosity on who has he grown up into? why is he here? is he the Grotesque? what kind of weird powers does he possess? what the heck is he doing with Alysia, Barbara's room mate?

I will go wit 4.5 stars -> I am glad I picked up this issue and yes, I am going for the next one for sure!

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