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Doors opened to Barbara's personal life

- Art -> I did not like the cover art much -BUT- as soon as I flipped through first few pages, I was pleasantly surprised. Batgirl just comes out of the book and feels as though the action is right there front of me. I'm liking the costume even more due to this issue.

- Good Character Build up: In this issue Simone brings about softer and more human side of Barbara. I really like the buddy time she has with Dinah and nice to know that a superhero too needs inspiration at times.

- Grotesque: there is some strange suspense around the grotesque. The more he encounters the Batgirl, the more he is fascinated by her- now that has started piling up excitement in my guts as I am reading.

- this is not just a new story but a key issue too as it puts forth some important events from the Barbara's past:

1) clue to her mother's disappearance

2) a clue to the killing joke story arc

Whether or not you are a fan of Batgirl, this is an issue worth the buy and worth the read!! EXTREMELY GREAT POINT FOR JUMPING IN!!

I am going with 4.5 stars for this issue due to its good things said above plus it feels longer, relishing and leaves you pondering over the events!

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