kartron's Batgirl #5 - A Candy Full of Spiders review

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New, Stronger Batgirl. Enter: Gretel, Bruce Wayne, Babs Mom

  • Introduction of a new tough villain - Gretel! Sounds like a gr8 mystery with this one.
  • On a personal front, we get to know a little bit about how Barbara got her leg & an introduction of Barbara's mother - who suprisingly looks very similar to Barbara with red hair and in some panels it is difficult to differentiate by faces! Although not too much is revealed about who her mother as yet.
  • There is a mysterical number 338 with which Gretel seems to have association with -but at this time it is very unclear as to what this number is and why people start yelling that number and become violent when Gretel is around.
  • This is a superb jumping point for any new reader & wanna know who Batgirl is.
  • Batgirl has lost all her inhibitions about a gun pointed at her - she doesnt freeze anymore & she can kick some butt - which I am loving. Yeah we really need a kick-ass Batgirl right now & we seem to be heading there.
  • There is a little advantage taken by having Bruce Wayne in this issue but that also comes with a twist at the end. Didnt like the art of Bruce Wayne/ Barbara's mother(point# 2 above). On the lines of what Tony had suggested in one of his articles about cohesion in DC Universe, Bruce Wayne should look atleast similar across many issues if not exactly alike. But anyways that could be different artists' hands.
  • Overall - great issue, leaves us with a twist at the end & makes us wanna know more about what Batman is gonna do in next issue plus more about Barbara's personal front. I am going with 4 out of 5 stars.
  • P.S.: I really loved the art when Batgirl jumps on the thugs in the beginning of the issue with the wings out!! WOW!! nice...

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