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Bullet Points Review: Sweet but Script not strong enough

  • Let me begin with the good points first: The Art is simply beautiful. Batgirl continues to look awesome just like on the cover. The flow of panels are great - completely eye catching. Love the first page with Batgirl on wheels!!!
  • There is a situation where she saves a couple on the Christmas evening and they thank her that due to her they can go home to their kids. They give her a nice bear-hug...That point is very SWEEEET. I was touched here!
  • Batgirl continues to be weak (mentally) even in this issue. Understood that she is coping up but a huge amount of Barbara's self confidence is missing. Batgirl herself says at a point that she is out of touch and Mirror is much stonger than her physically.
  • She thinks it out to the reader that she cant win on a one-on-one battle - here I was dissapointed in the illustration. She could have been shown as doing what she planned on without actually telling out loud to the reader just before doing!!. Too much text about her thinking prior to actions - which I personally didn't like... Certain things should be left as surprise to the reader.
  • Another thing I found not so impressive is that Hugo has made an app for the thugs to hit the button if they see Batman and those in other areas can know that he is not around and do what they want. Suprise: there is not button for Batgirl. Seriously? this is very silly.
  • KUDOS to the ART but I think this could be better utilized with a stronger script. My rating is 2.5 stars only due to the fine art on the cover & inside - but thats about it! I didnt find Gail Simone's writing intriguing enough.
  • I am a great fan of DC AND Batgirl but somehow my love for BG is going down with this issue :( Simone, please pick it up!!!

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