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    Batgirl #33 Review

    So, lemme start off by saying that I enjoyed this book IMMENSELY more than last month's. Last month's felt kinda hollow and hard to enjoy, but looking back on it, I think that was kinda the point. Although the ending helped in seeing the original Birds of Prey pseudo-reunited, as that Huntress was Helena B and this is Helena W. That said, apparently at one point in the pre-Crisis Earth-1, Earth-2's Helena Wayne DID meet Barbara, so this DOES count as a reunion.

    The first meeting of Batgirl and Huntress, thank you  helenawaynehuntress.tumblr.com ^_^
    The first meeting of Batgirl and Huntress, thank you helenawaynehuntress.tumblr.com ^_^

    I can't say as I'm too thrilled with seeing Huntress get her nose busted by a confused/enraged Batgirl. I mean, I get where this is coming from in terms of the story, that Babs is getting pushed to her mental and emotional limits and she lashed out without thinking, but it's kind of odd that Batman and Catwoman's daughter, who was trained by both, was so easily caught in the face. And if she was intentionally not fighting back, wouldn't she have dodged? Just sayin'. But otherwise, she feels like the character, more-so than she does in her own book for that matter.

    The other thing I REALLY wanna comment on is the ending, where Babs basically decides to call in every last favour she's got to her name to bring down Knightfall. And while it leaves me hyped as hell for the next issue, as any cliffhanger should do...Is it just me, or does this feel like an exit arc? Like, the kind of story arc where either a book is ending, a writer is leaving, or a character is tagging out. I know a lot of people have heard rumours and speculation, but even ignoring that, let's look at this and the previous issue on their own: Babs is gearing up to take on her arch nemesis throughout this title's run in one final confrontation, she's being approached by an old friend to join some super-secret organization that could ultimately prevent her from operating as Batgirl, she may be on the verge of learning the truth about her brother after a phone call from her dad in prison, and...well, lately Gail has pretty much been doing stuff fans have been begging her to do, and/or stuff she's been wanting to do for a LONG time (writing the Birds of Prey again, reuniting the original BoP, bringing back Ragdoll, taking on certain characters, etc.), and it FEELS a lot like she's tying up everything that she's been writing for the past few years, including even bringing back Katharsis from the sadly cancelled The Movement. And while I would HATE for this arc to be the end of either Babs' run as Batgirl or Gail Simone's run with the book, if this does turn out to be the case...well, at least everything IS getting tied up for the end so there's no loose ends.

    Everything else aside, this is a very entertaining romp that leaves me thinking "Okay, I NEED to read the next issue and see what the hell is going to happen", which is exactly what a cliffhanger should always do, no questions asked. It does have a couple of moments that keep it from getting five stars from me, but otherwise, glad I picked it up, and I'll be sure to let you guys know what I think of next month's. Ja né!

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