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No Flowers for You! 0

I love Cassandra Cain. I love seeing her back in this mini-series. Cassandra Cain returns as Batgirl  and on a path of vengeance against Deathstroke and David Cain (who both returned Batgirl into a killer during 52). She is joined by Ravager (Deathstroke's daughter) and Marque...on the sidelines helping her is Oracle. Nightwing still does not trust her and is after her and Cassandra and her team have to deal with super assassins with moves similar to her.I love this issue because Cassandra needs...

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The worst comic of the year goes to ... 0

This comic is bad. Really, really, really, really awful.  There is no other way to say it. It completely ignores all the past characterization of the people in it and uses boring characters as plot devices. Some examples are:-Dick somehow being able to hold Misfit, the girl with superhuman strength and TELEPORTATION, arm behind her back. He also assaults her FOR NO REASON.-Dick acting like he owns Babs and being an asshole to her.-Cassandra teaming up with a girl she watched murder someone in fr...

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