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Nice and Sweet! Awesome Art!!

Strangely I liked this issue very much and this issue made me like the Batgirl series even more.

Here is my short review:

Art: This is really fantastic. The scene where the Batgirl is atop the train is absolutely stunning. See the page spread art for yourself:

Batgirl atop a train.. Amazing art!!
Batgirl atop a train.. Amazing art!!

Story: Put it in simple words, the story is surprisingly nice & sweet too!

The romantic link between Nightwing and Batgirl is really surprising and truly could have been a separate story arc. Or DC may bring in a flashback on this, who knows? But for now this is a welcome and heart wrenching piece of story.

Now some teeny weeny negative points: However strong she comes through, there seems to be something lacking. Not in herself but in the portrayal. I think she could be a little more confident about herself. There are several parts where she doubts her abilities, she freezes at times when most needed. Well, just forget I said all that. This is just hopefully a short lived feeling. I think she is just gearing up in these issues to carve a niche for herself back again in the Bat Family. A Batgirl fan or not, this is a good one. If you have been buying Batgirl #1 and #2, I would just say go for this. Don't think much. This issue is cool. Period. Go get it...

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