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The issue of the blonde and redhead duo!

Batgirl #22

When I saw the cover to this issue I laughed and said well this looks like a fun issue! And that's what it was. UMMM ok so let's start this review because sometimes I run out of things to say at the beginning hahah! Steph was sent to London on a Batman Inc mission but she got mixed up with Squire so all this craziness happende. These low rate villains stole this thing called the Greenwhichmean. When they first fine them the villains get away. They were able to stop time altogether in London. Everyone is fronzen except for Steph, Squire and the group of guys. They wanted to stop time so they can harm Knight which is Squire's partner. In the end the girls stop them and London returns to normal! The issue ends with Steph returning to her hotel which she was originally supposed to do and meet with Bruce but that didn't happen with Squire. 
The Good!

This issue kind of reminded me of the issue when Steph teamed up with Supergirl and fought Dracula. It's a nice playful issue that isn't too serious, which isn't a bad thing. I like seeing Steph in these fun team ups. What I also liked about this issue is seeing Steph's combat get even better. It's always good to see her grow as a hero and fighter. I also like how she has a good role in Batman Inc. this definitely shows Bruce's growing trust with Steph! 
art: even though the art inside wasn't dustin nguyen's I still enjoyed it. The art made Steph look great ! Although my favorite art of this issue was the cover. I love Nguyen's art but the concept of the cover connecting with the story was just great. 
The BAD!

Although this issue was fun it felt like bit of a waste. I mean my favorite part of this issue was knowing she was in London for Batman Inc. and so this story just felt random and like a build up for the next story. 

I do say pick it up. 4 out of 5.

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