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Did anyone else notice Dustin Nguyen's name not on the cover???

Batgirl #21
I think it's pretty weird how all these issues ran off with Pere Perez's name as the artist of this issue, meanwhile Dustin Nguyen did the entire thing. How did DC not catch this at all , but whatever I thought it was kind of funny to mention that. ANYWHO, most of this issue revolves around Steph fighting this girl Harmony who was sent by the Reapers to defeat Steph. The Grey Ghost puts himself in harms way to make sure that Steph is safe which I thought was kinda cute but strange. Wendy is having some serious issues with herself especially when she starts talking to her dead brother Marvin and he keeps popping up wherever she goes. Wendy asks for money from Babs to go to Nanda Parbat and Babs graciously allows her to go, but Wendy's motives are a little mysterious. The issue ends with two new enemies introduced to attack Steph.



I definitely enjoyed the fight scene between Steph and Harmony because Steph used various techniques to take her down and this shows Steph growing as a fighter. Wendy's issue with herself seem to be very interesting. Something that I really liked about this issue is that Steph is becoming very independent, without the help of Oracle and now Wendy she really has to rely on herself. She showed this perfectly by denying help from the Grey Ghost and she took down Harmony by herself. I also liked the reference to the Great Gatsby because I really love that book.

Art: I love Dustin Nguyen's art. He really has a specialty with shadows. His art on the cover was also very good and I hope he stays on board with this series.


The BAD!

The fact that most of this issue was a fight between Harmony and Steph didn't impress me. Especially the way we just jumped right into it. Last issue ended with Harmony standing in like a room and this issue begins with Steph getting hurt by her. I felt that they should've worked into this fight in this issue not start the issue right in that fight. Another thing is this Grey Ghost character annoys me. He betrays Steph in the end but wants to help her in the fight it's way too chliche.



Aside from a few problems I thought this issue was pretty good but could've been better. I say pick it up. 4 out of 5.

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