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Batgirl vs Harmony

Synopsis: Batgirl faces off against Harmony along with dealing with Grey Ghost, and Proxy makes some decisions of her own about her life.

What's Good?

 Beware...of my pole staff!
 Beware...of my pole staff!

Bryan Q Miller wastes no time with Batgirl facing off against Harmony. I was glad that Stephanie told Grey Ghost off. He's such an annoying character which is supposed to be the point. In ways he does reminds me of when Stephanie was starting out as Spoiler being the somewhat nuisance to both Tim Drake and Cassandra Cain. Now that the role is reverse, she has to play the bad guy in order for him to stay safe. Of course, I've seen this in both Robin and Batgirl series, and they don't exactly work out as planned. Speaking about the Reapers, I do like the idea of college students becoming villains thanks to The Client. Each suits has some power which I'm curious to find out.  I also appreciate Miller's writing with Stephanie in this issue as well.

Dustin Nguyen definitely helps make Batgirl enjoyable to read. This cover is my favorite so far by him.   

What's Bad?

I wasn't feeling Proxy's plot. I found it weird that she would hallucinate her dead brother all of a sudden.   The idea of her going to Nanda Parabat is an interesting turn of events since Stephanie is going to London in the next issue, and I know Miller been trying to make her fit in Batgirl since Barbara has less pages (since Gail Simone is using her with BoP), so this could a good move

Overall: Despite the Proxy plot, this was another fantastic issue of Batgirl. With Batman Inc. starting to fall into place, it seems that Bryan Miller is setting up his part to go along with it starting with Stephanie going to London. Can't wait.

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