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Maby I should have said I wasn't trying to rob you first.


I believe that this is true for the most of us, that when we enter a gadget shop, or toy shop or

 Batgirl #20
 Batgirl #20

any show with cool new things with buttons or levers we must play with them. Sure the signs say “don’t touch” but our inner child interprets that as “touch now! Play with it! They want you to!” This little flaw of mankind is also apparently true of superheroes. Or at least the new bubbly kind that’s now running around Gotham City with a new set of toys kindly offered to her by Batman. Inc. The only difference is that her new toy box is useful to her fight on crime and that she can use them for more than five minuets without breaking them and being banned from the shop forever. So if you’re curious about these new, cool toys then let’s take a look at Batgirl #20 (and try not to break these new toys).


So the issue starts out showing us how Slipstream (or at least they boy who became him) ended up joining the Scythe group. We then return to the present day as Slipstream is arguing with the apparent leader of the Scythe group as to why his suit shocked him during his fight with Batgirl ( see last issue ). The leader informs Slipstream that the same aspect is in their suits as well and that their “Client” hasn’t authorised them to kill Batgirl yet. We then move to “Batgirls (Excitingly remodelled) base of

 Ohhh! Shiny!
 Ohhh! Shiny!

operations” where Stephanie is overwhelmed by her new bat-toys and Proxy’s analyzing the spray that slipstream used on the money. We then jump to the next day where Stephanie’s explaining to Barbra the conclusion of what they believe the Scythes plan is from their analysis of the spray and police information, quickly followed by an encouragement speech from Barbra to Stephanie. Then later on in her class Stephanie discovers something which prompts her into action. What is this information I hear you ask? Pick up Batgirl #20 to find out.


The continuing adventures of the Bubbly-Crusader continue to be well written and enjoyable thanks to

Screw the batmobile. I want this!!!
Screw the batmobile. I want this!!!

Bryan Q. Miller. As usual Miller is able to meld humour and action together in a way which would make it impossible for you to put this series down. Also with a newly developing rouges gallery which is still expanding, a newly restocked and refurbished base of operations, not to mention Oracle taking a back seat to Stephs’ operation ( see recent Birds of pray issues ) Miller is making the series less dependant on other Bat/Gotham series and characters and making it more of an independent series which we’d all love to see. If there’s one complaint with this issue it’s that this issue could have used a bit more substance in it (more action). Once more Ramon Bachs the artist in this issue (with Dustin Nguyen illustrating the cover) which fits the mood setting that miller is setting for this series (especially with Guy Majors colouring) but is still not quite up to par with the style used by Nguyen with certain proportions or depiction of the characters in some of the panels seeming off, but never the less still good.


In conclusion I gave Batgirl #20 a 3.5/5. The issue is overall good but could require a bit more meat on the bone story wise. For fans of the title we’re seeing the series develop, using new characters and new locations rather than ones from other titles to pull it out of the shadows of other bat titles. For new readers I’d say pick up next months issue due to this being the end of a 2 part story, or pick up this issue along side issue #19. So in conclusion I give Batgirl #20 a:-



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