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Slipstream not as interesting as I thought


As always Batgirl covers are always my favorite and this issue was no different. I really loved the cover. Love the concept and the art. It really catches your eye.


Batgirl finally knows who Slipstream is and uses her new car to take her down. But the reapers still have a plan to take her down.

Best Part

I liked that we finally found out whom Slipstream was and that he was sitting next to her this whole time. I also liked to see that we still have Oracle in this series even though she is not really working with Steph for the time being. Another thing that was cool is the cool new gadgets that Steph is getting because of Batman Inc. The best one had to be the Fire and Ice   Baterang that can come in handy one day

Worst Part

I thought Slipstream was going to be a better character and they could of made him into a great villain. But with this issue that opportunity has pretty much been destroyed. I really wished that Slipstream was going to be cooler and not just some lazy college student that sits next to Stephanie in class. I wish he was going to be more a part of her personal life. I would of even liked for Francisco to be Slipstream.


I am not a big fan of this new art. I use to like the old art better. This art is just very buldgy and does not depict Stehanie very well. I just hope the art changes soon to maybe be like the art on the cover.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!

3 ½ out of 5


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