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    OMFG Batgirl is actually not bad

    This was good, its the first time i can genuinely say that about batgirl, this was just good

    there are 2 things that stuck with me while opening the first pages

    100% Ray Fawkes

    the first thing i notice reading this book is that Gail Simone's name is nowhere on it, not to say that i didnt knew that she wasnt writing the book but i was under the impresion that she at least plotted this, however she is literally not listed as plotter(which if that was the case she would had been listed), do you know what that means?, that means that this story is 100% Ray Fawkes, for better or worst Ray is the guy behind the wheel.

    The Narration


    you just have no idea, just no idea how massive of an improvement this makes to the entire thing

    it is literally a completely different experience when Barb's inner dialog is not whining about something on every single page on every single panel, or saying stupid jokes, it is just a huge improvement

    Barbara Gordon Sr.

    I think the biggest improvement that i saw plotwise was Barbara Sr, because of how Gail treated this character i expected her to just cry a river when she saw James Jr, but she didnt, she actually grew a spine, I was really surprised about this because like i said before Barbs mom as a character is just unlikable under Gail's pen, completely unrelatable and even stupid from an intelligence point of view.

    But here is the first time i care about her even a little and she was handle much better in 3 panels than in Gails entire run.

    it almost makes me like the character


    there is still a lingering problem because of this change, when James Jr appears, she face him by telling him that he is being egocentristic by thinking that she might be afraid, in the sense that he still thinks that she left her family because of him.

    her dialog implies she didnt.


    why did she left her family then?

    It almost feels like Ray tried to reboot the character but still keeping the story, of Gail, but it still feels like something is missing.


    the entire narration is made by James Jr and for the first time since Scott Snyder's Black Mirror, Jr actually feels like is the right character.

    ignoring the narration which is almost 90% exposition James Jr barelly talks in this issue and when he does he does sound like he in control at all times, even when he is challenged he doesnt react, its just a great performance and is because Ray actually gets the character unlike miss Simone.

    the only problem is the motivation, i can speculate what he is trying to do but not why, we still have NO IDEA what is his plan, which has been in the making for over 9 months, even with the narration I just dont know what is his point.

    James Gordon and Barbara Gordon

    both of this characters talk very little in this issue, but they really sound like real people and act like real people

    after DoTF, Barbara finds the identities of all the Joker Goons and gives this info to the police so that they can catch them.

    This action really called my attention because of how personal and just plain inestable Barbara was portray in the last arc you might even expect her to hunt down every single one of Joker's goons one by one, but she doesnt.

    she lets the police do their work, this is just a sign of maturity from the character, it genuinely feels like she is moving on from that attack in a mature way, which is something Gails Barbara would never do

    the same is for Jim, there is an scene in which James brief the police on try to capture Joker's goons and James Jr and it really sounds like himself, when he talks about hunting down Jr, there is no doubt in his dialog, or in his face, he knows what he must do and it makes him look great.


    its an interesting plot but nothing out of the ordinary, the hook on this issue is the characters, even if they are in the book for just a couple of panels they make mark and the interpretation of some of the characters that had been in this book for over a year has improved exceptionally and in some cases act like real people for the first time

    Sad that Ray will only be here for another issue, he will be miss and if the next issue is half of good as this one it will still be a huge improvement over this ongoing series

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