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Learn the secret origin of the Bat-Family!

Art: Dustin Nguyen does a great job here. Especially the "Lil' Gotham" like opening.

Story and Script:

After one of the funnest opening sequences I've had the pleasure of reading Batgirl heads out on patrol. This issue is a bit darker than the others I've read so far. Batgirl gets a sidekick who may or may not be crazy(most likely the first answer). I love Proxy, very different character and is very much an opposite of Oracle. She's a very much a different character than the one we saw in Teen Titans(back when Wonderdog killed Marvin and left her in a coma; then DC totally forgot about them *sigh*).

This issue ends with a big cliffhanger. Crazy stuff.

Overall: Good issue, buy it.

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