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Batgirl #15

Daniel Sampere does the art in this issue and it's extremely effective for the emotional story. The expressions that he does for the Joker are terrifying and extremely gruesome. The action is so well done that everything that happens looks like it hurts. The backgrounds are very simple but when he does into details, they look extremely good. The story is what really makes this issue the best of the series so far. Joker is portrayed as terrifying as ever. The character that shines that most, is Batgirl and wow, Gail Simone goes all out. Seeing Babs do things to the Joker and really bring up events from The Killing Joke is very effective and it makes you feel for the character more then you could possibly imagine. The ending was also a great twist and seeing another villain step into the story was the perfect idea. Joker has something planned and at first sight, it's a silly plot, but this issue really shows that this is something much deeper that we will have to wait till the next issue. 
The Joker's dialog feels a little off from what we see in Batman but they both are great and it's something that most may not notice.  
THE VERDICT: 4.5/5 (Amazing) 
We all know that Gail Simone is leaving this book. I've been harsh on this book but this issue really brings back all the great memories that Gail has done and one thing is for sure, this book will not be the same without her. She gets Babs and that is something that writers can learn to do, but I feel that Gail was born to write the character. If you don't like Batgirl, please just get the last few issues that Gail is on to show her how much her writer can impact an audience. I highly recommend this book because it is pure awesome. 

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