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    Really Fun

    A really fun stand alone story, possibly the most enjoyable Stephanie Brown adventure there's been. I recommend anyone who wants a fun light read to give this one a try. Yes it's quite silly but not all super hero comics have to be grim to keep a reader interested.

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      A Girls Night Out Buffy Style 0

        Cover The cover art for batgirl is always amazing and for this issue there is no exception. Story A vampire is holding Supergirl and Batgirl and now they are thinking they should of changed their plans and should have had a pillow fight instead. But, 10 hours before this Steph was playing Scrabble with her mom and the door bells rings just in time to save her. It is Supergirl and Steph’s mom is walking by the door and if she sees Supergirl she would find out her secret identity. But, since Kar...

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      Blonde + Blonde = MORE FUN!! 0

      Story: It's a dull family game night with Steph and her mom. The door bell rings and it is Supergirl. Supergirl and Stephanie decide to go out and have fun. Some guy bumps into them because he is in a hurry to get somewhere. He is working on some experiment that goes horribly wrong. Steph and Kara decide to go see the 3-D reproduction of Vampyre's Bride. As they are watching it the movie becomes a little too real and 24 draculas come out of the screen. It's time for the world's finest blondies t...

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