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Batgirl face of against Clayface

With the second semester of college starting for Stephanie, the second year of Batgirl starts.
After a funny opening with Stephanie in a battle for her life in....ping-pong, she gets interrupted by a call from Wendy with a bank robbery. Its rare for Bat vigilantes to be out in daylight, but Stephanie's a rare girl to find. Its a small story that works well that contains one of Batman's rogue of enemies testing Steph's skills.
I'm glad that this issue put to use of Wendy Harris as her new role as Proxy instead of having Oracle. Her and Stephanie's relationship is a little rough but friendly as Proxy is still getting used to her role.
I really enjoyed Stephanie's personally in this issue. She can be sarcastic when she wants to be and can improvise when she wants and she proves this when facing off Clayface. She's not like the other members of the Bat family. Again, there's a sense of romantic tensions between Batgirl and Nick Cage. Not only that, but we see a little bit of Steph's civilian life. Bryan Miller brings out Stephanie's personality well in this issue. 
Artgerm provides another great cover. The artwork in this issue looks good. Its not like the last arc "Flood" where it had a somewhat dark atmosphere to it. It has more of a light tone to it thanks to the setting of the day.
Some might feel that Wendy is a wannabee Oracle, which she is but with a different personally and rather new to doing the whole networking thing. Its not really an issue for me, but some might miss Oracle.  

Overall: Even if this was one issue, I found it to be very interesting. Stephanie is someone to like. This is a good issue to start for new readers as its just a single issue and its the start of Stephanie's second year (in issue terms) as Batgirl along with Wendy in her new role. So far, the start is strong. I'm excited about the next issue as Supergirl and Batgirl team up again (They teamed up in an issue of World Finest). Can't wait.

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