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Red on Red Violence

The Story So Far

Batgirl and Detective McKenna get their pow wow broken up by Batwoman. After some one sided fighting, they sort out who is on which side. Knightfall asks Batgirl to come alone to the Three Towers in exchange for Ricky the car thief. Once Batgirl gets there a fight breaks out with the three hench-ladies. We see that Knightfall has had some coaching from a third party and Batwoman and Det. McKenna come to Batgirl's aid. She then going looking for Knightfall but I don't think she likes what she finds.


The story is great here. There is a lot of action in this issue as Batgirl has to fight Batwoman first then a team of meta-humans. There are plenty of little twists and turns in this story that keep you guessing and wanting to see more. For some reason I really like Batgirl's inner thoughts. Something about the way she talks to herself seems very fitting and natural. Knightfall is shaping up to be a very good villain and that is something that is important to any story for me. It's not fun unless the bad guy if formidable. I also really like how the entire Gordon family has been integrated into this series and I hope for some kind of event that has them all in the same place at once. You know, for therapy.


Batwoman. I am not really a fan of hers so that might be biased. I just really wanted to see Barbara handle the fight with her much better. I wanted her to establish herself as the best Bat-Lady in Gotham. The art was also a little hit or miss for me. Some of the fight scenes could have been better. I am not really a fan of covers that look more real than drawn.

Your Job

Overall I was really pleased with this issue and it is definitely worth picking up. I guess part of me keeps thinking that Batgirl will eventually start to get weaker, but that hasn't happened yet at all. Maybe Detective Comic's decline has got me paranoid about my bat books. Anyways, I can recommend the entire new 52 Batgirl run to date. It's been a good year for Batgirl.

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