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Imagine Chris Redfield and Stephanie Brown working together.


In the beginning Calculator is showing is dead son his master plan and how he's going to try and revive him and get Oracle. Batgirl is doing a normal crime and that's pretty much it for the beginning. Detective Gage goes into Oracle's office and is followed in by Stephanie. They already know eachother as Batgirl and Detective, but he doesn't know that she's Batgirl. So they get to know eachother a little better and he leaves. Wendy is directed to Oracle's hideout. She has to be kept there for her own safety. Calculator is setting up his big machine and it launches. Oracle is teaching class and these kids who were looking at their phones are now techno zombies and attack Oracle. Luckly Oracle can defend herself and gets out of the room. It seems that whoever is on a technology device will be hypnotized by Calculator. It gets down to just Oracle and Batgirl alone outside in the street with hoardes and hoardes of techno zombies. They were defending themselves pretty good until Oracle saw her dad hypnotized. They captured her. Batgirl is alone and surrounded. Coming from the roof is a hypnotized Catwoman, Huntress, and Man-Bat. I thought the story didn't get good until the middle and the end because the beginning was kind of slow. I loved seeing Gotham's heroes hypnotized. Now on to the details. The cover was awesome. It had a really different look from all the other issues and it popped out at you. I really don't like the penciling in Batgirl. It's very sketchy and they don't do far away characters well. I do love the coloring though. I also do like Stephanie's fighting skills. When she did the kart wheel kick in the beginning it was just so cool. Batgirl's dialogue is always so funny. She is like the girl version of Peter Parker dialogue wise. I love seeing Oracle and Batgirl's friendship and how they fought together. My favorite pages were 5,7,19,20,21,22. I am giving this issue 4 techno zombies out of 5.

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