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These Zombies were never dead but, they still pack a mighty hit

The cover was great and I loved it. The story starts out with the calculator wanting his daughter back. Batgirl saves a couple of girls and Babs is fixing up her hideout. Detective Gage is waiting on babs and he runs into steph. They have a weird conversation and he leaves. Wendy thinks that Babs is hiding something and thinks that Steph is weird. She stumbles into oracles hideout and oracle says she wants to help Wendy. The calculator gets ready to turn everyone into zombies. Everyone on any electronic devise turned into zombies. Oracle and Batgirl fight them but oracle ends up getting frozen from one of the zombies and that one Zombie was her father. In the end man bat,cat woman, and huntress are also under the calculator's spell. The best part of this issue was when everyone turned into Zombies and when we find out some of Batgirl's friends are also zombies. The worst part was the whole beginning with the calculator and the part were batgirl saves the girls. I thought it was just a waste of time. The art was good but, not the best. It was average. I recommend to pick it up because the ending was very good. 

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     The Good This issue continues the AWESOME storyline set up by the previous issue. (#9) We haven’t really seen this fun of a storyline in this titles first few issues. Hopefully this level of storytelling will continue on in the book for issues to come. This ending/cliffhanger is a great and makes you impatient for next month’s issue The art in this issue complements the story quite well also. The Bad This is part 2 of the story arc so if you haven’t bought the issue that preceded this one you ...

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    I don't care what you say, I like Stephanie Brown. There, I said it.  Everyone complains that she isn't Cassandra Cain. That's the point. In fact, she's almost the opposite. So quit your griping, Cass will be back eventually and just enjoy this for what it is.   So far, this Calculator business is my favorite events of the series. Steph is slowly becoming worthy of the title of Batgirl. This issue was a lot deeper than the usual 'Spider-Man problems' Steph was having in her personal life. I did ...

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