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Techno-Zombies and Rain!

It's the continuation of "The Flood." Calculator (oooooh, so menacing!) is back and ready to get his revenge on Oracle with his deadly technology.

- *whistles* Another month, another gorgeous Lau cover. The job of the cover is to grab attention and this is beautiful!
- Immediately hit with the continuity to Teen Titans and The Cure mini-series. Continuity ties together the DC Universe and makes other titles relevant.
- The story has that techno-horror feel. The use of blacks, the red eyes, and the storm just really help set the mood. I also love the little tease for the next issue: "The Techno-Zombie Apocalypse...And More Rain!" Always a plus to see a nice little joke at your own expense. This book really has developed a fun vibe. Yes, I realize I said it also is techno-horror, but that can be fun too.
- I really enjoy Stephanie and Oracle's back and forth banter. It works. I do like their sister-like relationship.
- Oracle's got a plan. Makes sense with her character.
- What happens halfway through an arc? The odds worsen. It happens. I'm intrigued to see what happens next with Techno-Zombies. Seriously, say techno-zombies. You know you're intrigued.

- The Gage/Stephanie scene didn't work for me. I mean, I liked Steph's part, but I'm just not interested in Gage.
- Inconsistencies on art. Steph looks old (again) and the two artists definitely had two takes on the Batgirl suit. The art isn't terribad, but it's hard to chalk it up as a good thing when there's a noticeable difference in the two styles and I don't like how the main character is drawn.

If nothing else, I'm still pleasantly surprised that "Batgirl" is still being picked up by me every month. I didn't think it'd maintain my interest enough. It's been a surprisingly solid read every month. I find myself really enjoying Stephanie and Barbara, but the biggest hinderance in this series is the inconsistency in art. I would love to see a guy like Marcus To on the book. He would really help take this series from consistently solid to another level. That said, the storyline continues to be entertaining, and I'll stay on-board to see what happens next. If you're thinking about giving this book a chance, I'd recommend it.    


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