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Review: Batgirl #10

The Calculator's vendetta against Oracle ratchets up as a throng of "zombies" are activated who have been programmed to kill the former Batgirl.

The Good

I did like the way Miller goofed on narrative captions throughout this, giving Stephanie Brown a neurotic nature to set her apart from other members of the Bat Family. The credits page splash was notably good, too - - good enough to be a poster. Garbet or Perez (I'm not sure who) put a great Scott McDaniel flair to the line-work, there, and Major's effects work - - blurring the soles of her boots to simulate depth - - gave it a lot of kick (to excuse the pun). Really, Major's coloring was notably good throughout, too.

The Bad

This whole issue just felt sort of... plain. Not really bad, per se (it's competently done), but not especially good either. And that applies to the art, too. It get the job done, to be sure, but there's not a lot of punch. I realize it's really difficult to find new things to do in a book like this, but the plotline of the Calculator activating zombie drones just seemed too familiar. It wasn't that exciting.

The Verdict - 2.5/5

There's really not that much to set this apart from any other superhero book on the shelf and I might be more charitable were it not for how good Red Robin was last week. That issue was done so well, makes this book, another Batman spin-off, look weaker by comparison

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