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Something Big This Way comes

Cassandra: Child Assassin
Cassandra: Child Assassin

I did not read this book when it came out,and so reading it now I could not help but see the correlation with Cassandra Cain and the character of Hit-Girl who would come years later. When I read the part of David Cain teaching his daughter Cassandra my mind went back. It is funny how reading these older books can set your mind back to new ones that you have read.

On that note this book is a lot less violent then the ones in the series Kick-Ass but the was every bit as good if not better. I really enjoyed this set up and can't wait to read more of the series. Cassandra is an intriguing character and my favorite Batgirl. The fact that this series is the longest running Batgirl series make me think that most people agree with me.

I loved this book as it sets up everything so well. I can't wait for the next issue and gave the book four stars or eight out of ten. Please check out this book, Thanks for reading my review.

In Liberty We Trust.

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