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Back in her own series

Cassandra Cain is back as Batgirl and this issue is the the first in her 6 part series back to redemption. The plot is simple Cass is back in Gotham with Batman and Robin but she has done some evil things in the past and Nightwing doesn't trust her. Nor should he, as it is revealed that Cass is still on a mission to kill.

Adam Beechen's writing is alright, and uses most of the issue to recap what has happened over the past few years in the life of Cass. Its a good recap, but nothing new to reader who know and love the caped girl crusader.

The artwork is nothing amazing. While dressed as Batgirl, Cass looks pretty cool, but once she takes off the mask Calafiore seems to have a problem making up his mind on how she should look. In the middle of the issue there is a fight between Nightwing and Cass that looks pretty cool and Calafiore uses his space pretty well.

The cliff hanger at the end makes you want to keep reading and pick up issue two. Be aware the trade is available and that might be a better way of reading this road to redemption story.

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