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    Really, Really Good.

    I went to the comic shop for the first time the other day (I've been ordering trades online), saw this issue and decided to pick it up. The only Batman stuff that I have read before this was the War Games story arc, so I was a little nervous about not being caught up on everything going on in the Bat-world. Luckily, this issue explains enough of the back-story that it makes sense to a new reader like me. It was very well-written and showed a good amount of character depth such as Stephanie's "addiction" to crime fighting (she keeps promising herself that tonight is the last night that she will go out) and her worry of her mother finding out exactly what she is doing at night. It has a nice little flashback scene to Cassandra leaving the costume behind after Bruce dies, because he is the reason she was fighting for this cause and without him she no longer feels the urge to. There is also a nice scene with the new Batman and Robin watching the new Batgirl in action and wondering how this could possibly be the same person who lead the League of Assassins. My favorite scene was probably the one at the end when Stephanie wakes up, comes downstairs for waffles and, expecting to be greeted by her mother, is instead greeted by Barbara Gordon aka Oracle aka Batgirl. All in all, this was a fantastic issue and I am looking forward to buying the rest of them.

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