The temporary suit's abilities

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What does everyone think about the suit's abilities? Should they stay or go? Which ones should stay or go? 
Since they have to recharge, I guess that they still let him be himself. If they did not have to recharge, BATMAN would be some Iron Man wannabe with a cape. 
I think the teleporter is the best thing. He does not use it to be like Nightcrawler, only to enter or leave an area. I think a few compartments of his utility belt should be able to use that tech individually and teleport things from the Batcave into his belt. Most people that hate Batman say that he sucks without prep. While he could probably beat everyone in the JLA except Superman and Green Lantern without prep, it would definitely be awesome if they did something like this: all his equipment has a designated number, and he could speak that number into a teleporter attached to his utility belt  and whatever he wanted is teleported into his belt (kryptonite, god bullet, etc.) so he could always be fully equipped for everything, with his other compartments filled with things he always uses (batarangs, grappling hook, vehicle controls, etc.)


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I love the new suit. I'm hoping he keeps it around for a while. It looks awesome. Hopefully he converts it into his everyday bat suit. 
Your idea for being able to teleport anything to him from the cave is great. It would definitely get him out of a lot of sticky situations.

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