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    Wang Baixi is a tech wiz and skilled fighter, chosen by the Academy of the Bat to serve as the Bat-Man of China. He models himself very closely on the American Batman, even constructing a robot Robin to assist him.

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    Wang Baixi was created by Gene Luen Yang and Viktor Bogdanovic. He goes by the name Bat-Man (of China). He made his first appearance in New Super-Man #1: Made in China.


    Wang Baixi was chosen by the Chinese Ministry of Self-Reliance to become the Chinese equivalent of America's Batman. Then he was told to design gadgets for the Justice League of China project. Not long later, he and Wonder-Woman where called by Dr Omen to calm New Super-Man down. Using inhibitors that he created, he took ton New Super-Man. Then, the 3 were called to investigate a break-in that was committed by Sunbeam.


    • Computer Hacker: He knows how to work his way around a computer.
    • Driving: When you have very advanced vehicles, you need advanced driving skills.
    • Electrical Engineering: He knows how to make gadgets and vehicles.
    • Advanced Combat: He is a very good fighter.


    • Batrope
    • Containment Suit
    • Batglider
    • Bat Utility Vehicle
    • Bat Rockets
    • Batarangs

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