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    Bat Lash is a hero from the early 19th century, he is considered an outlaw by both the state and federal governments

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    Raised to be as tough as the land by his farmer father, yet shown the more cultured side of life by his educated mother, Bat Lash is a classic study of dichotomy. When his parents were swindled out of their farm, Bat Lash sought justice as he had been taught, but found only frustration. Forced to kill a deputy in self defense, he soon found himself on the wrong side of the law. Fleeing to a shack where the family now lived, Bat Lash found it in flames, with his parents and the woman he loved trapped inside - murdered.


    Bat Lash is a DC character created by Carmine Infantino, Sergio Aragones, Joe Orando and Shedon Meyer, first appearing in Showcase #76.

    Major Story Arcs

    Swearing revenge, Bat Lash took his sister and girlfriend Betsy to a nearby convent for protection, while he pursued those responsible for killing his parents - and at the same time found himself pursued for killing the deputy. Despite his unlucky streak, Bat Lash comes off as a ladies man; an American cowboy with his trademark flower in his hat. Having caught up and reclaiming revenge for the deaths of his parents; he began to live as a nomad roaming free across the western plains. As the 20th century approached Bat Lash found himself far east. He joined with adventurer Biff Bradley and Hans von hammer, the Enemy Ace, to retrieve two swords from the isle of dragons, on behalf of general Chiang Kai-Shek. In his efforts to snag the weapons the deadly Vandal Savage appeared to make matters worse.

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    Bat Lash is resurrected in Blackest Night. He chases after Joshua Turnbull and his assistant, who stole a black ring for study. Josh escapes, leaving his assistant behind. Bat Lash then kills the assistant, but doesn't chase after Josh, knowing Hex is waiting for him.


    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 167 lbs

    Eyes: Blue


    Great with guns, handy with fist, great with cards; can talk his way out of the tightest jams.


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