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When Batman and Robin came to a small South American country to help them in their war against El Papagayo's crime cartel, they held tryouts to become Bat-Hombre, the personal Batman of that country. While several men failed, Luis Peraldo was able to meet the requirements. And so, Batman and Robin taught him how to use their various gadgets, such as the utility belt and the Bat Radio. In addition, he was trained in the use of whips.
Unbeknown to Batman and Robin, Peraldo was secretly an agent of El Papagayo. When the two met secretly, El Papagayo's parrot Toto scratched the shoulder of Paraldo's Bat-suit, giving away his ruse to Batman and Robin. The two are able to take down Bat-Hombre, imprisoning him. Rather than admit he had tricked them and crsuh the presedent's dream's, Batman takes over temporarily as Bat-Hombre. However, Batman had forgotten tot take away Bat-Hombre's utility belt, allowing him to blow up one of the walls. He confronted Batman atop a cliff, and fell, presumably to his death.

Powers and Abilities

Luis Peraldo had no superhuman powers, but was skilled with various gadgets, including explosives and whips. He was also an accomplished equestrian. 

Appearances in Other Media

Batman: Brave and the Bold

 In the episode "Legends of the Dark Mite!", when Bat-Mite attempts to give Batman a makeover in order to make him a better hero, the second costume he gives Batman is Bat-Hombre, astride Bat-Horse. He dismisses it as "too dashing."

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