Bat Head

    Character » Bat Head appears in 11 issues.

    A petty criminal who got a batarang lodged in his brain after attempting to throw one at Batman. The injury causes him to have an almost tourettes like speaking pattern.

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    Little is known about the origin of Bat Head, other then at one point him and his partner were attacked by Batman. While Batman was deal with Bat Head's partner, Bat Head found a Batarang on the ground, threw it, misses Batman and it bataranged back and hit Bat Head in the head. It became permanently stuck in his head causing him to have a tourettes like speaking pattern.


    Bat Head was created by Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray for there run on Batman and Robin.

    Major Story Arcs

    Batman and Robin: Terminus

    Bat Head has been enlisted into Terminus's army of revenge along with Smush, Scallop, Bootface and several others that blame the Batman for there current conditions. After the initial meeting, where its revealed that each member had been working for Terminus for some time but never knew it, the army is sent out to spread fear. Their mission was to brand as many people with the Bat logo before morning. Bat Head personally brands Officer Pacelli and sends him to the hospital. Later when the Bat Family shows up to stop Terminus and his army Bat Head tries to brand the Batman but Terminus kills him stating that Batman is his to kill.


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