Bastards of Evil

    Team » Bastards of Evil appears in 9 issues.

    A group of young, violent villains that claim to be the illegitimate children of other super villains. Battle the Young Allies.

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      "They have no compunction about doing terrible things, so they've been doing those terrible things across the country for a few months now, recording all their terrible deeds and putting them on the internet. They seem like a bunch of joy-riding kids - the sort of soulless, 'Call of Duty'-playing, Columbine-shooting disaffected youths that all parents fear."   ~  Sean McKeever, creator of Bastards of Evil.
    The alleged discarded and disavowed sons and daughters of supervillains, the Bastards of Evil formed not to rob banks or take over the world, but purely to cause death and destruction. They see themselves as the next generation, the future, of evil. Aftershock ridiculed Firestar for trying to find a reason behind their actions. Ember taunted several innocent bystanders that even though a hero was on the scene, they were still going to die because the hero was too busy fighting the other Bastards of Evil to save them. Warhead saved from a losing fight against an enraged Gravity by his teammate Singularity , said that it would have been better to let Gravity kill him, to have a shiny superhero murder a villain on camera. Warhead then blew himself up on the former site of the World Trade Center in New York.
    After the explosion the four surviving members went into hiding. There both Mortar and Singularity criticized Warhead's reaction and anger Ember with the fact that his bigotry ways and the irony that his father was a mutant. Ember angrily left them and at the same time Aftershock was revealed to be working for a mysterious someone who said that the explosion should be taken as an advantage and the reason to his harder the before. Right after that Ara ña, Nomad and Toro confronted Ember after he had attacked a cafe, Nomad was able to extinguish the flame. Toro then grabbed him ready to kill him when the others stopped him. Ember was able to escape. 
    Following the encounter, the Bastards targeted the members of the Young Allies, specifically  Araña and Nomad. The two teen girls were kidnapped after an ambush, and the Bastards planned to execute them on live television and streaming on their website. Revealing information that they had learned about Aftershock, however, the Young Allies were able to distract the Bastards long enough to defeat them, only for The Superior to reveal himself.
    During the altercation among the Bastards internally, Aftershock attacked Singularity. In the process, his memory was cleared and he remembered the true nature of his power. He was actually a teenager from Nevada names Devin Touhy, and had been kidnapped by the Superior, along with all the other members of the Bastards. Enraged, he turned on his supposed leader. He was killed for his insolence, but the distraction gave the Young Allies the upper hand they needed to defeat the Superior and the members of the Bastards who remained loyal to them.
    The Bastards are currently being held in prison, but the Superior claims that he already has a plan to break them out, rewrite their memories (again) and create new "siblings" for them.


    The Superior - son of The Leader.
     Aftershock - "daughter" of Electro.
    Mortar - "daughter" of Grey Gargoyle.
    Ember - "son" of Pyro
    Warhead - "son" of Radioactive Man.
    Singularity (deceased)- "son" of Graviton


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