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    A fledging terrorist cell in the New 52. They have been responsible for some of the events in the current Suicide Squad and The Flash series.

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    Basilisk was created by writer Adam Glass. The group was first illustrated by artist Federico Dallocchio in the pages of the current Suicide Squad series.


    In response to the emergence of such metahumans as Superman, some "new player" who calls himself Coil founded the terrorist group Basilisk.

    Members of Basilisk believe that there is a war coming, between normal people and metahumans, of which the cell aims to be the only winner of that conflict.

    Team Evolution

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    Basilisk is made up mainly of scientist and well-equiped soldiers. The cell's colours are those of green and black. They are fanatical in their cause, often committing suicide if in risk of being captured or otherwise compromised.

    Their catchphrase (usually before suicide) is "Hail Basilisk!".

    Recent Events

    The Flash

    During the funeral of Manuel Lago's father, It is revealed that his death was caused through an aeroplane hijacking. This inspires Lago to join the CIA, of which he goes rogue when he discovers Basilisk was responsible for his father death. He manages to take the killers out one-by-one until he is captured and tortured (by mutilation).

    When Basilisk discovers he can regenerate any bodily damage (even missing limbs), they keep torturing him for weeks on end, discarding the multitude of hacked-off limbs in a seperate room.

    From these discarded body parts, the first members of Mob Rule were "born" from their "father"'s regenerative ability.

    Mob Rule spring a defeated Lago from his cell and escape Basilisk's clutches.

    Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad are sent to infiltrate Basilisk in order to find the scientist who created a nanite virus responsible for countless gruesome deaths at a stadium. They are eventually found and captured by a metahuman agent called Grey Lora. She interrogates the team on the whereabouts of one Wong Fon Shay. Deadshot reveals she has been killed.

    Judging by Grey Lora's reaction to Wong's death, (as well as their similar appearances) the two must of been related, making her death very personal. Wong was revealed to have killed by Captain Boomerang in a previous hit. Enraged at the betrayal, Captain Boomerang is shot by Deadshot and taken hostage by Grey Lora. Deadshot bargains with Grey Lora for his team's freedom in exchanged for the body of Fon Shay (which he claims to know the location of).

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    The Suicide Squad next encounter Basilisk after crash landing on the island of Yucatán on the Gulf of Mexico, after being captured for sacrifice by local natives. The Basilisk soldiers are lead by their commander, the turncoat and previous Suicide Squad member, Captain Boomerang. The team are taken to a temple, converted into a Basilisk concentration camp where they meet Regulus. After refusing to join Basilisk, Task Force X is taken away when Captain Boomerang starts attacking Deadshot, breaking his bonds and freeing him. Revealing he was Waller's mole inside Basilisk, Captain Boomerang and the rest of the Suicide Squad attempt to escape only to be shot in the back by Black Spider, who was the traitor on the team all along. To even the odds in the inevitable fight, he calls upon and activates the unbeknownst sleeper agents (King Shark, El Diablo and Iceberg).

    In the gunfight, Deadshot shots Black Spider clean through the head and escapes with Harley Quinn (the only other member not brainwashed by Basilisk). It is revealed that that Black Spider that was just killed was a decoy, for the real one has infiltrated Amanda Waller's home and taken her mother hostage. During the firefight when additional Basilisk soldiers arrive, Waller manages to take out Black Spider by piercing one of his eye lenses with the sharp heel of her shoe.

    Meanwhile at the Basilisk compound, Deadshot and Harley Quinn are cornered by the sleeper agents on Task Force X, and through various means are shocked or otherwise snapped out of their behavior; King Shark is dosed by a nearby hose, El Diablo is shot at and Iceberg loses a hand in the fight. Captain Boomerang arrives with a number of metahuman prisoners and go on the attack to find and kill Regulus. However, Deadshot is captured and forced to shoot a hypnotised Harley Quinn, by he chooses to shoot himself through the chest and hit Regulus in the process.

    Current Members


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    Founder and leader of Basilisk. During the conflict in his compound, he is shot by Deadshot (through his chest and into Regulus behind him).

    Current Status: Presumed dead, although no body found.

    Grey Lora

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    A long-taloned metahuman terrorist. Her powers are that of enhanced reflexes and the ability to contort grotesquely her mouth (and teeth) into something similar to a snake, as well as having a mechanical tail with a electric tip.

    Current Status: Dead, killed by Harley Quinn.

    Black Spider

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    Ex-member of the Suicide Squad, turned traitor and attempted to kill Amanda Waller.

    Current Status: Alive, in custody at Belle Reve.

    Past Members

    Mad Dog

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    Bounty hunter employed to track down and capture Deadshot, for the babe-in-arms which was the cure for a recently unleashed nanite virus.

    Current Status: Dead, implied to have been keaten alive by King Shark.

    Dr. Elisha Visyak

    Dr. Visyak
    Dr. Visyak

    Scientist in the employ of Basilisk, notably the developer of a nanite virus used upon a stadium full of innocents.

    Current Status: Alive, working for Amanda Waller.


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