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Wayne Gifford was originally a serial killer living in Manhattan. He was sick of being a human so he performed a ritual that would change him into a vicious predator known as the Basilisk. During his killing spree, he bumped into Morbius and two ended up in a wild fight.

In the end, Morbius found Basilisks weakness of his reflection in a mirror and the Basilisk was defeated.

Months later Basilisk would come back and attack the Cypress Hill Jokers.  Once again he would come across Morbius in a night club and the two fought again.  This time Morbius drained all the blood out of him.  Morbius would later throw up Basilisk's blood into the toilet.  Later in the sewer, Basilisk regrouped back into his reptilian form.

Powers & Abilities


Intelligence: Normal Strength 
Peak human: Able to lift twice own body weight 
Speed Superhuman: peak range: 700 MPH 
Durability: Bullet proof 
Energy Projection: Long range, long duration, single energy type 
Fighting Skills: Normal 
He also possess a hypnotic stare.

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