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    Base is a member of the team called Genetix. Base has the power to control the elements (earth, fire, air and water), though he cannot control more than two at a time.

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    Hiro Sokuto was taken against his will as a young teen by a scientist named Oonagh Mullarkey who worked for Gena-Sys Corporation. Mullarkey discovered that Hiro had latent mutant abilities so she had him and four other teens with powers taken to her lab where she would wipe out their real memories. Mullarkey implanted false memories and personality matrixes into each teen and boosted their own powers and abilities by altering their genetic coding. Hiro was given the codename Base and he attain the ability to create various constructs out of the elements. Base and the other four teens would become the group Genetix where Mullarkey had plans to have them become operatives for the MyS-TECH organization.


    Base was created by Andy Lanning and Phil Gascoine in 1993 and first appeared in Codename: Genetix # 1.

    Powers & Abilities

    Base has the power to control the elements and create various constructs for offensive and defensive purposes. Base has demonstrated the ability to create walls of stone, humanoid figures out of earth and has used a wave of moving earth and snow for transportation purposes. He has also created battering rams, pillars of water to trap his enemies and even made a power punch out of steam. Base can even create gauntlets out of stone, fire or ice to enhance his striking power. Base can conjure up any elemental construct he imagines but can only use one element at a time. Base is also a skilled martial artist.


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