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Basch achieved renown as a gallant and brave hero credited with countless victories on the battlefield. He is man of justice who cannot abide inequity. Unlike the other captains, who are chosen from the aristocracy, Basch is of common blood and enjoys the love of the people, until he inexplicably murders the King on the eve of a treaty signing with Archadia. He is led away in chains. What could drive so loyal a man to slay his oathsworn leige?

Years later Basch is found by a group of escaped prisoners, two of them being famous skypirates.

"I don't associate with the dead, especially when they happen to be kingslayers" Balthier (one of the skypirates) says.

" I did not kill him. Everything I've done has been for the good of Dalmasca." Basch would reply, beaten and famished.

"Dalmasca?! What do you care about Dalmasca!? You let them die! All of them! You killed my brother! You...killed my brother" Vaan replied angrily, after jumping up and rattling Basch's cage.

Suddenly, Fran kicked the cage down when they hear the sound of footsteps coming from the hallway.

After they help him escape and he pleads them to let him go with them, they go on. He assists these strange convicts unarmed as they travel through the Barheim Passage. Eventually, after going by the merchant Burrogh's advice, they reach the strongest foe they've faced in a while: The Mimic Queen. This huge spiderlike monster was the only thing blocking their way to the Dalmasca Estersand, so they take down the mighty beast. After reaching the city of Rabanastre ( the thief Vaan's hometown), Basch attempts to explain what really happened to Vaans brother, Reks, who was in the war, and supposedly killed by Basch. He explains that it is his fault that Reks died, and that he is very sorry he could not stop his death. He then tells Vaan of his twin brother Gabranth, a judge magister in the Imperial army. Gabranth was the one who really murdered the king, and he framed Basch simply for being there at the right time. Gabranth was also the cause for Reks death.

The party was soon informed that Penelo ([Vaan:char:47437]]'s friend) was kidnapped and that the only way they could get her back was byturning in the sky pirate, Balthier. The party of Basch, Vaan, Fran, and Balthierdevised a plan to go to the sky city of Bhujerba and fight to take them back. Bhujerba was known for it's mines and ore, and was completely neutral in the war (as far as the Solidor house knew), though Marquiss Ondore had secretly been helping the small resistance of lady Ashe, the heir to Dalmasca's throne.

Upon arrival in Bhujerba, the party stocked up on weapons and armor and upgraded their licenses. they then headed to the Lhusu mines of the sky city, but on the way Basch and co. met a strange boy who called himself Lamont. He said he had errands to run in the mines and that he would rather not go alone. Basch and Balthier looked on, amused, as the boy explained who he was. They knew he was obviously lying, but they figured that a helping hand isn't all that bad at all, especialy in unknown territory.

They went through the mines fighting many enemies such as steelings and Slaven, but what surprised the party most was the amount of undead creatures in the mines. After fighting through many of the, they finally reached the edge of the mines where the bangaa hunter, Ba'Gamnan, waited for them.

"Balthier!" the bangaa cried in a raspy voice.

Lamont was quickly recognized by the group of Bangaa though, and began running after they had "negotiated" the terms for the girl Penelo's release.

Basch and co. took off after him as the group of filthy mercenaries were in pursuit. After finally hightailing them,[Vaan:char:47437]] and party made thir way back to the sky city, Bhujerba, where they saw "Lamont" take Penelo with him. [Vaan:char:47437]] was extremely worried, but Basch and Balthier reassured him that under the boys watch she would not be hurt. [Vaan:char:47437]] and co. were then invited to a meeting with Marquiss Ondore to talk about the resistance. After a long talk and hardy supper, Basch and Ondore talked about things that [Vaan:char:47437]] didn't understand at all. After a while, [Vaan:char:47437]] noticed a change in the situation.

"I guess we don't agree, then..." said Basch, who, while winking at the Marquiss, drew his word on Ondore.

"Guards! Arrest these mongrels!" said Ondore, as the imperial guards took the group away to the imperial airship, the Dreadnought Leviathan.

Vaan had no idea what was going on, but Basch and Ondore had come to a very well done unspoken agreement.

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