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Bartak is a member of the Skrull Empire.

When General Zedrao visited Captain Mar-Vell on his deathbed, Bartak was sent to spy on the meeting. Even though they respected their enemy they still wanted someone undercover. He came disguised as Devil-Slayer, who he thought would not likely show. To his surprise he did show up and Bartak had to quickly change. He changed into the Silver Surfer because he knew the true Surfer was imprisoned on Earth and could not be present.

Bartak knew few worlds knew of the Surfer's imprisonment so he decided to get surgical alterations to give him powers similar to that of the Power Cosmic.

When the genetics bomb exploded and trapped all Skrulls in their current forms Bartak was trapped as the Silver Surfer.

During the Second Kree-Skrull War he impersonated Surfer, destroying Kree worlds. He managed to defeat the Silver Surfer himself and imprison Frankie Raye. But Ronan the Accuser was looking for a rematch with the Surfer but found the impostor instead. Ronan easily killed Bartak.


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