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Bongo Comics presents the tantalizingly tempting Treehouse of Horror. Join our ghastly guest group of comic creators as they contribute to this terrific tome of terror. Dan Brereton (The Nocturnals) joins forces with Ian Boothby (Powerpuff Girls) to paint a tale of a small resolute band of nine, all on a mission to rid Middle Earth of an unspeakable evil. Suddenly, the Simpsons show up and the fellowship is broken. Then, Paul Dini (Jingle Belle) and J. Bone (Allison Dare) spin a scary story of murder, torture, and revenge as Moe exacts a pound of flesh from Homer. Finally, Gary Spencer Millidge (Strangehaven) visits merry olde England for a rippingly uproarious and bloodily delirious take on the most famous serial killer of all time.

Chapter Titles

  1. Ring Around the Simpsons (Ian Boothby / Dan Brereton) - A Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring parody.

  2. The Cask of Amontilla-D'oh (Paul Dini / Dan Brereton & Ted Naifeh) - Can Moe get his pound of flesh from Homer?

  3. From Hell and Back or: The Truer Story of Jack the Ripper (Gary Spencer Millidge) - Jack the Ripper a la Simpsons.

  4. Margie's Baby (Pin-up by Phil Noto on the back cover. Parody of the "Rosemary's Baby" movie poster.)

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