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IT'S TIME AGAIN FOR TREEHOUSE TERROR! Prepare yourself to be scared silly by the monstrous talents of the comic industry, both young and old. Jim Mahfood (Grrl Scouts, Zombie Boy, and Clerks) guides Ned Flanders through the pits of Hell, when Rod and Todd are possessed by demons, turning Springfield upside down. C. Scott Morse (Soulwind, Visitations, and Volcanic Revolver) paints the town red with a tale of a beast, a bar, and the redemptive power of beer. Peter Kuper (Eye of the Beholder, The System, and MAD's Spy Vs. Spy) goes Kafka on Homer Simpson, when he metamophisizes him into a cockroach. And finally, Veteran Archie artist and pin-up pioneer Dan DeCarlo and Bongo's own Bill Morrison take "weird" science into their own hands, play God, and create a modern Prometheus in a story of adolescence, acne, and re-animation, we call "Young Frinkenstein." Scream with delight as Bongo dishes out a helpful heaping of Halloween horror!

Chapter Titles

  1. Hell-O-Ween (Jim Mahfood & Ian Boothby / Jim Mahfood) - What happens when Rod and Todd are possessed by demons?

  2. Metamorphsimpsons (Peter Kuper) - Kafka's metamorphosis, Simpson style, with Homer as the bug.

  3. Young Frinkenstein (Bill Morrison / Dan DeCarlo & Allen Roberts) - Bart is turned into a young Frankenstein by the Professor.

  4. From Duffs Till Dawn (Scott Morse) - What happens when Professor Frink's blood sucking creature gets Barney?

  5. Terrifying and Tantalizing Tales of Trick-Or-Treating! (artists have Halloween recollections)

  6. Martin's Folktales From Around the World (Stan Sakai) - A folktale of the sparrow and the two boxes.

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