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DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DORK! Well, be a little afraid. Yes, it's true--Milk and Cheese hipster, Eisner-award winner, and The New Adventures of Superman scripter Evan Dorkin is climbin' up the rickety rungs of Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror to serve up a tale of terror guaranteed to keep you tittering. Learn the horribly hilarious truth as to who--or what--is snatching the bodies of Springfielders! PLUS: Put on your cringing shoes for a comic tale of craven terror as told by Bongo's own Bill Morrison!

Chapter Titles

  1. The Immigration of the Body Snatchers! (Evan Dorkin / Bill Morrison & Tim Bavingston) - Will anyone believe Homer's claim that aliens are invading?

  2. Bongo's Ghoulish Gallery of the Grotesque (Halloween fan art)

  3. Fatal Reception (Scott Gimple & Bill Morrison) - Professor Frink helps the Simpsons' kids get their candy back from Homer.

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