The Sub-Basement of Dracula; Squish Thing; Two Tickets to Heck!; A Quick Way to a Krusty Death!; Bart Simpson, Midget Commando; Shock! Suspense! Simpsons!; Blast from the Future Past! last edited by jazz1987 on 10/23/18 01:08PM View full history

Bart and Lisa go to an amusement park and take a hilariously horrific "EC" ticket ride to Hell, courtesy of legendary comic creators John Severin, Angelo Torres, Al Willamson, and Mark Schultz. Then two classic horror teams Len Wein/Berni Wrightson (Swamp Thing) and Marv Wolfman/Gene Colan (The Tomb of Dracula) return to their monstrous masterpieces to root out the humor and go for the jugular??Simpson-style.

  1. The Sub-Basement of Dracula (written by Marv Wolfman)

  2. Squish Thing (written by Len Wein)

  3. Two Tickets to Heck! (written by Chris Bonham, Steve Ringenberg)

  4. A Quick Way to a Krusty Death!

  5. Bart Simpson, Midget Commando

  6. Shock! Suspense! Simpsons!

  7. Blast from the Future Past!


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