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Rotting James Robinson (Starman, Earth 2) tells of Springfieldians who become ferociously feline in a flesh-tearing little foray called "Bart People." Alarming Mike Allred (Madman, iZombie) turns the screws on a screaming story of botany and gluttony gone awry called "Little Shop of Homers." And, Jaundiced Jeff Smith (Bone, RASL) stirs the brew with a whiteknuckled whale's tale entitled "Call Me Homer." Three scarifying stories to whet your nocturnal appetite! But be forewarned: These grim tales may cause you to laugh yourself to DEATH!

Chapter Titles

  1. Little Shop of Homers (Mike Allred / Bill Morrison)
  2. Call Me Homer (Jeff Smith / Stephanie Gladden)
  3. Bart People (James Robinson / Chris Roman)
  4. 49 Things that Frightened and Disturbed Me When I Was a Kid (full text article by Matt Groening)


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