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    Bart Simpson, an underachiever and proud of it. When he's not making the entire town having a mental meltdown, he takes on a superhero-persona and fights crime, spreading his own mischief-brand of justice.

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    Bart, although not by any means a model citizen and a constant prankster, is only a bad child when compared with exceptionally well behaved children like Lisa or Martin Prince. His enemy ( Principal Skinner) always wants to find away to give him a detention but Bart always manages to slip out. His father ( Homer Simpson) and his Mother ( Marge Simpson) both genuinely care about him and love him, no matter what he does.

    Bart enjoys reading Radioactive Man comics, skate boarding, and helping out his hero Krusty the Clown, who often gets in serious problems in which Bart and Lisa help him out of. Bart is famous for prank-calling Moe's Bar, where his dad often drinks. He is also known for writing messages on the chalkboard over and over again at the beginning of each episode.

    Bart and Lisa have the regular American brother-sister relationship. They often quarrel but do care for each other deeply. They often fight over the smallest of things, including who is better at what, who gets what first, etc. They often are mad at each other for quite some time, as Lisa is smarter and her accomplishments in school are above and beyond anything Bart can muster. But they do share some common interests, namely TV's Krusty the Clown and Itchy and Scratchy cartoons. With his youngest sister, Maggie, he share a more mutual relationship.

    Bart has close relationship with his dog, Santa's Little Helper, and is believed to be the only one in the whole town who actually likes the dog. When Homer delivered the threat to give SLH up if he couldn't become a better dog, Bart strove to make sure his greyhound buddy passed obedience school. Their bond is so strong, that when Santa's Little Helper was brainwashed by Mr. Burns to become a deadly attack hound, the moment Bart says "I love you boy," SLH's memories of himself with Bart help him become his old self again.

    Bart suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder, and it seems to be a severe case, as he is quite intelligent, but does not pay attention in school. He has outsmarted geniuses and planned master pranks.

    Bart has a very complex relationship with his parents. They both love him, but he is prone to creating difficult situations in their lives. Marge seems to take a more active role in raising Bart than Homer does. Homer often refers to him as, 'the boy,' which Bart responds to by calling him Homer. Homer often strangles Bart when he is angry, and calls him names.

    Bart's personal nemesis, Sideshow Bob, often tries to murder Bart. Lisa and sometimes the rest of the family, help Bart out of his problems. Bart often takes advantage of Bob, like when he asked him to sing an entire opera to stall for time, knowing that Bob could not resist. Bob is always caught though, and is sent to prison, where he is regarded as a very dangerous criminal. Bart is no longer scared of Bob. This surprised Bob until Bart explained that he is 6-0 against him, and that every time they tangle Bob ends up in jail.


    Bart is one of 3 children of Marge and Homer Simpson. His sisters are Lisa and Maggie Simpson.

    Bart often gets into trouble for his rowdy conduct. Before he was born, Dr. Hibert swore Bart was mooning both him and Marge via Ultra-Sound, and so began a career of boisterous behavior. He often plays pranks on his school, like spray painting, and Principal Skinner is often the butt of jokes, or the target of pranks himself. Ten minutes after he was born, he burned Homer's tie on fire. Barts first words were "Aye Carumba"


    Bart Simpson was created by Matt Groening in 1987.

    Character Evolution

    Bart Simpson began on the Tracy Ullman Short "Good Night" Soon, a whole entire show was made after the Simpsons, and he now is one of the most recognizable characters in television. Matt Groening said himself that he made the characters easy to recognize in silhouette.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Simpsons Movie -

    In the Simpsons Movie, Bart leaves Homer in Alaska after they get kicked out of Springfield, which at the time is enclosed in a dome that will explode and because of this, Homer tries to save him, as well as Springfield. When Homer is going to ride a motorcycle up the dome, he asks Bart if he wants to hold the bomb, in which he reluctantly agrees to.

    To see a more in depth look on the movie, visit the Simpsons Movie page.

    Weapons & Equipment

    Normally, Bart has a skateboard with him and a slingshot, which he uses often.

    As The Cupcake Kid, one of his super hero personas, he has equipment at his disposal. He has many forms of cupcakes that he throws at criminal's faces.

    As Bartman, his most used persona, he has equipment ranging from Bartarangs to smoke bombs.

    Powers & Abilities

    Bart has many skills that make him much more powerful than a boy his age. He is omni-lingual, and was able to learn Spanish and other languages in only about 3 hours. His lingual powers may actually be inherited from Homer, who knows many languages, even penguin.

    Bart also has an amazing driving skill for his young age, as evidenced at the countless times he has driven cars, and even a tank, with ease.

    Along with that, Bart has frighteningly accurate aim with firearms, and was able to shoot a satellite with a tank He has also been shown to almost never miss with his slingshot.

    When Bart was made a Hall Monitor, he showed great skill at enforcing laws, which was also shown when he managed to throw Homer out of a bar, when Bart was a bouncer.

    As Stretch-Dude, Bart has elasticity abilities that are as good as Plastic Man's.

    Superhero Personas

    While most Superheroes, like Clark Kent or Peter Parker, struggle with their dual life of a superhero and normal life, Bart has a great time balancing his roles: a trouble student, prankster, and several superheroes.

    Bartman: Bart's most used Superhero-persona. He originally used this as a way to get a discount at a comic book convention. He's basically like Batman... only with more Bart-itude. No one knows, even his parents, Lisa, and everyone in town who he is, except for Milhouse, his trusty sidekick. As Bartman, Bart saves the day with his street smarts and whatever gadget he brings with him. He usually fights some of the members of the town, who have some sort of corrupt scheme of some sort, like an overpriced comic book error schemes or someone who is stealing hair from other citizens in Springfield.

    Stretch-Dude: During a Halloween Special, Bart and Lisa get hit with blast of radiation that gives them Super-Powers. With Lisa, she got strength that matches her wits. For Bart, he is able to stretch himself as long or into any shape he wants. When both kids have to babysit Maggie, they had Professor Frink transfer a portion of their powers to turn Maggie in the Bouncing Battle Baby. This part exists in another Universe from the "main-stream" Simpson-Verse, as his origins was a Halloween special and Sideshow Bob summons him, along with Bart's other hero-personas. Unlike Bartman, Stretch-Dude, along side with his super powered sisters, fights super powered citizens of Springfield, with a off bout with aliens and Nazis.

    Cup-Cake Kid: Bart's third Superhero Persona. This time, instead of taking the role of main hero or equal partner, Cup-Cake Kid plays as sidekick for the infamous Pie-Man, helping him dish-out sweet justice for people who deserve it. Apparently, in Simpsons Super Spectacular #2, this persona also exists outside of the main Simpson-verse, as with Stretch-Dude. The adventures that Bart has in this persona is a mix of Bartman and Stretch-Dude. Like one adventure, he helps Pie-Man prove his innocence while in another, he and Pie-Man switch ages through invention done by Prof. Frink.


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