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Bart Simpson, America's favorite underachiever, lays claim to his own comic book! In the tradition of Little Archie, Peanuts, and Little Lulu, Bart Simpson Comics is for and about kids. In an homage to the comics he enjoyed as a kid, Matt Groening presents stories about Bart and the children of Springfield, with the adults taking a backseat as comic foils! Each issue of this new quarterly series feature several short stories that can be enjoyed by a younger reading audience, but there will be plenty of laughs for all ages. It's good, old-fashioned fun with the same satiric edge that has made The Simpsons the most successful animated program in television history!

  1. Welcome, Man! (full text article by Matt Groening welcoming the reader)
  2. Big Fat Trouble In Little Springfield (Bart uses Uter in a mean way in order to avoid getting a wedgie, but when he dreams that he becomes overweight, he changes his mind about fat people)
  3. "Grrrl-Whirl" (Bart vs girl power)
  4. Close Encounters Of The Nerd Kind (Kang and Kodos kidnap some Springfield kids with differing results...)
  5. Welcome To The First Issue Of Bart Simpson!

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