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210124 Ljtillman Character 04/08/19 08:17PM 14 done
208239 aphillips17 Character adding some general information and friends. 04/04/19 10:46AM 20 done
189652 jacksonflash30 Character 03/08/19 07:53PM 2 done
189650 jacksonflash30 Character 03/08/19 07:52PM 0 done
189649 jacksonflash30 Character 03/08/19 07:51PM 2 done
189083 jacksonflash30 Character 03/07/19 03:18PM 2 done
179613 SpidTheNerd Character Remade the "Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost" section since it wasn't very clear or detailed, I also made a longer summary for his appearance in "Final Crisis" and I added the whole "Impulse Plus" run. 02/18/19 02:08AM 0 done
173776 EightBitshik Character Typoe "Know" vs "Known" 02/06/19 08:35AM 15 done
145293 victor25 Character 12/09/18 07:36AM 8 done
143732 Michaelbn Character 12/06/18 12:34AM 112 done
137890 KENTASAIBA2 Character 11/25/18 08:46AM 16 done
82263 Eto Character 09/12/18 05:46AM 43 done
51447 SpidTheNerd Character Added summaries and a more detailed description of the recommended reading list. This is because, if there's summaries and descriptions of the comics - More people might get interested and get a deeper understanding on what each comic do include, and what they do exclude. 07/26/18 08:18AM 0 done
28975 SpidTheNerd Character Added the history and the major story, Impulse issue 1 million, for those who wish to know about the event. 06/16/18 03:27AM 38 done
28760 SpidTheNerd Character Added more details as in real name to alliases and better understanding for those who wish to learn about Bart Allen and they who's with him. 06/15/18 01:57PM 15 done
28705 SpidTheNerd Character Added more details and gave everyone a better understanding and deeper knowledge. 06/15/18 07:29AM 22 done
28610 SpidTheNerd Character Added a few more details into his power section. 06/15/18 07:08AM 4 done
27513 SpidTheNerd Character I added a few recommended comics where Bart do appear more then a few times. Althougth my English grammar might now be the best ever since I am from Sweden where our main language is Swedish. 06/12/18 11:38AM 5 done
22695 SpidTheNerd Character Added a few recommendations and created the guide body layout - However, i'm from Sweden and my grammar might need some fixes. 06/05/18 02:01PM 11 done

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