Did Bart Allen ever have a girlfriend?

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@dboyrules2011: WTF?
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He/She is new. They probably didn't know any better...no need to get nasty.
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I sense an underlying purpose behind the question. :)

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Moved to the Bart Allen forum.
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Who he had as a girlfriend i wanna Know?

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In his alternate future, he dated Rose Wilson.

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@dboyrules2011 said:
"who he had as a girlfriend i wanna know "

When he was an adult he dated Valerie Perez.... 
He had a few girl crushes as Impulse, but I'm not sure if he had a girlfriend that young...... 
The most notable and lasting relationship was with Valerie...........
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How about no on the Valerie thing. He dated her for about what?....A week?...A month tops? 
I like to forget she existed if I can.  
He's had a pretty long standing crush on Rose Wilson but with very little reciprocated feelings. 
His longest standing girlfriend was Carol Bucklen from the Impulse comics. They had been best friends through most of the series and ended up dating, but unfortunately she along with all his other friends, family members and pets from the Impulse serious were lost to comic oblivion and apparently forever forgotten.  
And actually he tends to show very little interest in girls (or any people in particular really) when he's being written correctly, often finding himself baffled by Kon when he would fall over himself over women. It takes quite a bit to actually hold his attention. To quote Mark Waid (because I actually really love this aspect of the character and miss it very much) "One of the key notes to Bart, at least in the two years that Humberto and I did his book, was that Bart didn't have a single surging hormone in his body anywhere. It wasn't that he didn't like girls. He didn't like anybody! Okay, that's not true. But Bart doesn't think beyond his own immediate sphere of influence.It's not that he doesn't care about people, it's just that he doesn't think about other people. And he doesn't have any use for romance because he's still developmentally, a three-year-old boy at this point." 
By now he would be about a five or six year's old maybe? But I still love the idea.
Currently he has no girlfriend.

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I'm sure he's had two.

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When he was the Flash he dated Valerie Perez. But other than that? No. He had a crush on Rose Wilson, and implied an attraction to Wonder Girl when he said she was the girl who made him like girls.

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